Spotify DJ: The new personalised music tool powered by artificial intelligence

Spotify DJ, have you heard of it yet? Get ready for a whole new way to listen to music on Spotify and connect even more deeply with the artists you love! DJ is an AI-based personalised guide that knows you better than you know yourself. And your musical tastes too. This feature, which is launching for the first time in beta, will offer you a selection of hand-picked music along with commentary on the songs and artists, all in a surprisingly realistic voice.

DJ has the ability to scan the latest music releases and revisit some of your old favourites, it can even resurface that song you haven’t heard in years. It then analyses what you might enjoy and gives you a playlist of songs selected especially for you. Even better, it constantly updates the selection based on your feedback.

If you don’t like the vibe, just tap the DJ button and it will change it. The more you listen and tell the DJ what you like (and don’t like!), the better his recommendations will be. Think of it as the best of Spotify personalisation, but with an AI DJ in your pocket.


How does Spotify DJ work?

Imagine having your own DJ in your pocket, always ready to provide you with the perfect soundtrack for any situation. Whether you’re looking to discover new music, revive old songs or simply enjoy a unique musical experience, DJ is able to make your dreams come true.

Watch the video presentation and judge for yourself 😉

To create DJ, Spotify has reinvented the way users listen to music on its platform. DJ knows all your musical tastes so well that it scans for the latest releases it knows you’ll like or takes you back to that nostalgic playlist you repeated last year. The key behind Spotify DJ is the combination of Spotify’s personalisation technology (based on your music preferences), and the generative artificial intelligence provided by OpenAI:

  1. Spotify’s personalisation technology, which gives you a selection of music recommendations based on what it knows you like.
  2. Generative artificial intelligence through OpenAI technology. Spotify DJ gives you valuable information about the music, artists or genres you’re listening to.
  3. A dynamic AI voice platform thanks to our acquisition of Sonantic, which brings amazingly realistic voices to life from text.

In creating the DJ voice model, Spotify collaborated with its own Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan. Xavier had been one of the hosts of Spotify’s first morning show, called The Get Up. Xavier’s voice has become the first model for Spotify’s DJ.


Where can I find Spotify DJ?

Spotify DJ is already available in English for premium users in the United States and Canada, so we’ll have to wait for the company to start rolling it out to the rest of the countries.

If you are lucky enough to be in the United States or Canada, follow these simple steps to access DJ:

  1. Open the Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Head to your “Music Feed” on the home page.
  3. Tap “Play” on the DJ card.
  4. Let Spotify do the rest! DJ will offer you a selection of music along with brief comments about the songs and artists, completely personalised for you.
  5. If you don’t like what you’re listening to, press the DJ button in the bottom right corner of the screen and the tool will take you to a different genre, artist or mood.


Controversy with Artificial Intelligence and Music

With the appearance of this new tool, controversy has also appeared among Spotify users on social networks. From users who are delighted with this new option to know music, to detractors who have posted phrases like:

“Finally, we can rely on an artificial intelligence algorithm to choose the perfect songs, because, clearly, we are not able to do it by ourselves.”

“It’s great to know that Spotify now has the ability to know us as well as our mothers, our partners or our best friends – who needs the freedom to choose your own music when an algorithm can do it for you?”

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