Module 0

What will you do?

Learn how to become a DJ and discover the best secrets of the Berlin electronic scene, guided by one of its established DJs.

Come to our professional music studio located in ARTtraktiv. There, we will welcome you, chat over drinks and show you the technical equipment your teacher uses for his professional activity as a DJ and producer. 

First, you will learn about the history of Berlin’s club culture from its origins (the fall of the wall) to the present day. All this, supported by unique information and videos where the artists, who spearheaded the movement, give their testimony.

You will learn the basics of the art of “DJing”. You will learn the techniques of mixing with vinyl and CDJ, synchronize beats and discover how to plan your sessions while playing with your partners using the “back-to-back” method (b2b). Of course, we’ll record your set so you can keep it as a souvenir and continue practising at home.


  • History of techno culture in Berlin
  • Basic concepts of the art of DJing
  • Beat synchronisation
  • Basic application of sound effects
  • Recording your DJ Set

On-site class

Type: On-site
Level: Beginner
Language: EN, DE, ES
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 1 - 4 persons
Price: 149 € (per person)

Included in Basic Pack and Full Pack

Berlin DJ Academy

Module 0
Introduction Module