What is the Full Pack?

This is our star package. It contains the complete program of the course, from beginning to end.

You will complete our 15 modules, starting from the basics, up to the highest level.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also include in this pack, your live performance with a 3h DJ set in a Bar/Club in Berlin.

Buying your complete pack will save you more money than booking each module separately.

Full Pack Program

  • History of techno culture in Berlin
  • Basic concepts of the art of DJing
  • Beat synchronisation
  • Basic application of sound effects
  • Recording your DJ Set
  • History of the DJ and his current environment
  • Showing respect for music
  • Really listening to the music 
  • Differentiating different  musical elements
  • Electronic music genres
  • DJ Terminology
  • DJ mixer connections
  • Balanced and unbalanced cable
  • Analog Mixer vs. Digital Mixer
  • DJ Mixer functions & controls
  • History of the digital player
  • Single Player and Dual Player
  • Common digital player connectors
  • General functions of the digital player
  • MIDI and HID
  • Rekordbox & Engine
  • Personal advice from your teacher
  • How the turntable works
  • Turntable’s Elements and Controls
  • Turntable Calibration
  • Choice of needle type
  • Vinyl Handling
  • Timecode Vinyls 
  • DJ Software
  • Common DJ Software functions
  • DJ Audio Interface
  • Timecode vinyl control
  • Drivers for DJs
  • Differences between MIDI controllers
  • 4/4 Bar
  • Musical phrasing
  • Arrangement of the track elements
  • Beat synchronisation
  • Bar synchronisation
  • Harmonic mix
  • Buy and download music
  • Organisation of your music library
  • Rekordbox basics
  • CUE points and loops configuration
  • Adjusting the grid part
  • Creating Playlists
  • Rekordbox 6.0
  • Types of audio effects
  • Panning
  • Echo and Delay
  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Equalisation
  • Flanger
  • Filter
  • Applying FX to your mixes
  • Vinyl DJ: pros and cons
  • Choosing your turntables
  • Choosing your capsules and needles for the turntables
  • Choosing a DJ mixer for vinyl
  • Digital DJ: pros and cons
  • Choose Computer, Software and DJ controller
  • Choose digital player (CDJ /XDJ)
  • Planning vs. Improvising your DJ set
  • How to read the dance floor
  • Tonality and emotions
  • Record your DJ Set live and tweak it  using  Ableton 
  • Create and manage your artist profile (Soundcloud)
  • Your teacher’s personal conclusions
  • Choice of video cameras and audio interface for Streaming
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • Basic OBS configuration
  • Advanced OBS configuration
  • OBS Audio Configuration
  • Streaming platforms and copyrights
  • Multi-platform streaming
  • Live-streaming from your phone (IOS and Android)
  • DJ Set of 3h in a Bar/Club in Berlin
  • Live audio recording of your DJ set
  • First fee as an Artist
  • Delivery of the official diploma of the academy
Incl. DJ Performance
Full Pack
30 hours in total
  • Introduction module
    (Module 0)
  • Beginner's module
    (Modules 1,2 y 3)
  • Intermediate’s module
    (Modules 4,5,6 y 7)
  • Professional’s module
    (Modules 8,9,10 y 11)
  • Mixing with vinyl and XDJ
    (Modules 12 y 13)
    100% Practical
  • DJ Set in bar/club
    (Modules 14)
    Live performance
Full Pack