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NEO - Created by Oyaide elec.
Pioneer DJM-450. Mezcladora DJ de 2 canales con Beat FX

2-channel DJ mixer with Beat FX

Pioneer DJ - DJM-450

The Pioneer DJM-450 is a 2-channel DJ mixer with Beat FX. The EQ allows you to balance the high, mid and low frequencies on each channel. Whether playing sound from digital or analogue sound sources, the 64-bit digital signal processor with dithering technology creates a warm, high-quality sound. Integrated FX and external FX can be used from mobile applications at the same time. Simply connect your smartphone or tablet via USB to activate the instrument and FX apps.

Pioneer XDJ-700. Compact DJ multi player

Compact DJ multi player

Pioneer DJ - XDJ-700

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-700 is a compact multiplayer. It features a large 7-inch full-colour touch screen. The graphical user interface is divided into three sections so you can effortlessly access all the functions you need, including wave zoom, beat countdown, phase meter, key analysis indicator and much more.

DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-750MK2

Step into the DJ booth seamlessly with the DJM-750MK2, a 4-channel mixer that inherits key features and design elements from the DJM-900NXS2, and creates a club-style setup when combined with professional multi-player CDJ / XDJ.

Digital Audio Player

Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2

Based on its predecessor, the XDJ-1000MK2 improves usability with enhanced track navigation and support for high-resolution FLAC and ALAC audio files. It inherits the CDJ-2000NXS2’s large jog wheel and 7-inch full colour touch screen, as well as features such as 8 Hot Cues and Quantize.


Technics SL-1200 MK5

Technics SL-1200 is a series of direct drive turntables originally manufactured by Matsushita Electric, better known as Panasonic. This SL-1200MK5 model maintains the characteristics of its predecessor SL-1200MK2, but is especially improved with its Reset button to return the pitch tempo to “0” and has an “on-off” button bevel protecting it from accidental disconnection.

Altavoces profesionales Alpha 50 Evo de Focal

Professional loudspeakers

Alpha 50 Evo

The Alpha 50 Evo professional loudspeakers have a 25 mm (1″) aluminium tweeter and a 13 cm (5″) woofer with a Slatefiber cone developed and manufactured in Focal’s workshops in France. This monitor stands out for its dynamics, its tonal balance neutrality and its excellent sonic coherence, guaranteed wherever you are listening.

Features include a 1/4″ (6.35 mm) TRS jack input in addition to the XLR and RCA analogue inputs. It also has a switchable automatic standby mode as well as inserts for wall and ceiling mounting.

The high current capacity offered by its 2 amplifiers allows full control of the signal dynamics. This also allows high volumes to be reached without distortion.

Studio Monitors

Alpha 50 Focal

The professional 2-way active 2-way near-field active loudspeaker Focal Alpha 50 for professional use has a 13 cm (5″) woofer with polyethylene cone and a 25 mm (1″) aluminium tweeter with inverted dome. It also features a large laminar aperture, a 20 W amplifier for the tweeter and a 35 W amplifier for the woofer and has a frequency response of 45 Hz to 22 kHz (+/- 3dB).

Audio Recorder

Zoom H4N

Dual XLR / TRS combined input connectors offers you the possibility to use a wide variety of external microphones and connect line-level signals. The H4n’s built-in X/Y microphone allows you to record natural sounding stereo with a strong center image, and the angle of its two unidirectional combined microphone elements can easily be changed from 90 degrees for a well-focused stereo image or to 120 degrees for a wider image.

Howler Recorder+Streamer



Standalone 2-in-1 audio recorder for DJs and bands to always capture their music performances in high-quality, fail-safe audio for any situation. At the touch of a button, Howler records audio from any source to an interchangeable microSD card in WAV or MP3.

Howler lets you capture and share your DJ sets. With high-quality, fail-safe audio recording, it’s ready for any situation. Plus, Howler lets you live stream your DJ set directly to your phone.

Audio Cables

Oyaide NEO

The D+ cables from the Japanese brand Neo have been designed to optimize sound quality. Their conductors, three times larger than those of conventional cables, are capable of reproducing sound more directly, allowing for improved data transmission, with the purest sound quality on the market. These cables are designed for the standard equipment of today’s DJ or producer, such as CDJs, mixers, systems like Serato Scratch Live, Traktor, Ableton Live or the audio systems of the most demanding clubs and studios.