I’ve always wanted to learn how to play music until Bruno invited me to join his classes. Best decision ever! He paved the way for me to now play independently and to live out my favourite hobby in this world. Not only would he introduce me to all the theoretical stuff about music and its history, but he also proved his teaching skills by empathizing with me as beginner. The cherry on top was his outgoing and supporting/motivating character always making sure one feels comfortable.

Marketing and Sales ManagerLeandra Sprick

The DJ Academy has been fun, challenging, and such a unique experience. By learning the art of disc jockeying from a true Berliner, my eyes have opened with a new perspective on music forever. Thanks to Bruno, my heart has opened to the artistic music scene in ways I could have never imagined. If you take his classes, yours will too!

Production ManagerFernando Paiz

I just recently started to get interested in composing electronic music on my own so when I came to Bruno I wanted someone experienced to teach me the insights of what’s it all about being a DJ. Not only is it really fun talking and learning with him but it really improves this already high interest of mine for this whole topic of mixing music, and I am sure if there is a good DJ inside me, with him I will be able to make it real.

Android DeveloperAnton Kanter