What is the Basic Pack?

The perfect package for you, if you are looking to start as a DJ. 

Our basic pack includes the introduction module, all the beginner’s level modules and also our 100% practical digital player mixing module

Buying your basic pack will save you more money than booking each module separately.

Basic Pack Program

  • History of techno culture in Berlin
  • Basic concepts of the art of DJing
  • Beat synchronization
  • Basic application of sound effects
  • Recording your DJ Set
  • History of the DJ and his current environment
  • Showing respect for music
  • Really listen to the music 
  • Differentiate musical elements
  • Electronic music genres
  • DJ Terminology
  • DJ mixer connections
  • Balanced and unbalanced cable
  • Analog Mixer vs. Digital Mixer
  • DJ Mixer functions & controls
  • History of the digital player
  • Single Player and Dual Player
  • Common digital player connectors
  • General functions of the digital player
  • MIDI and HID
  • Rekordbox & Engine
  • Personal advice from your teacher
Basic Pack
10 hours in total
  • Introduction Module
    (Module 0)
  • The DJ
    (Module 1)
  • DJ Mixer
    (Module 2)
  • Digital Audio Player
    (Module 3)
  • Mixing with XDJ
    (Module 13)
    100% Practical
Basic Pack