Module 14

What will you do?

It’s the moment of truth. That great moment when you can finally make a real audience dance to your own music. 

So much work and dedication always deserves a great reward, and that’s why we seek to make your big dream come true. 

You will be invited to play for approximately 3 hours as a guest DJ at a monthly party organized by our academy in a bar/club in Berlin.

On top of that, you will receive your first payment as an artist, and we will take the opportunity to present you with your official diploma issued by the academy.


  • 3h DJ Set  in a Bar/Club of Berlin
  • Live audio recording of your DJ set
  • Earning your first fee as an artist 
  • Delivery of the official diploma of the academy

On-site class

Type: On-site
Level: Professional
Language: EN, DE, ES
Duration: 3 hours (aprox.)
Capacity: 1 - 2 persons
Price: Only possible by booking “Master Pack“ or “Full Pack“
Berlin DJ Academy

Module 14
Profesional  DJ Set in a bar/club