Module 10

What will you do?

Have you ever wondered how the DJ could play that song or style of music you were so eager to hear at that very moment? It seems almost like magic, doesn’t it?

Actually, knowing how to read the dance floor and manage the minds of the audience is quite magical, but there are techniques and tricks that will help you achieve it.

Find out how to control the factors that influence the development of the DJ set while allowing yourself to be guided by the art of improvisation.

A little order and planning always come in handy, but it’s essential to leave room for the unpredictable, as each session is unique and unrepeatable.

With our module, you will learn how to read the hidden messages among your audience, manage their emotions by developing your DJ set through the use of harmonic mixing and much more.

On top of that, we’ll explain the different ways you can make a quality recording and improve your sound with Ableton Live.

Finally, we’ll help you create and manage your SoundCloud artist profile while giving you the best tips for promoting yourself professionally.


  • Planning Vs. Improvising
  • How to read the dance floor
  • Tonality and emotions
  • Live Recording of your DJ Set and how to tweak it using Ableton
  • Create and manage your artist profile (Soundcloud)
  • Personal conclusions

On-site class

Type: On-site
Level: Professional
Language: EN, DE, ES
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 1 - 4 persons
Price: 149 € (per person)

Included in Full Pack and Master Pack

Online class

Type: Online
Level: Professional
Language: EN, DE, ES
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: 1 person
Price: 149 €
Berlin DJ Academy

Module 10