Module 1

What will you do?

Meet the characters and tools that have given life to the DJ we know today. Learn to respect the music’s history and listen to it using all your senses.

In addition, you will also learn how to listen to and analyze electronic music critically from different perspectives. You’ll discover how to distinguish between different genres and subgenres by looking at their characteristics and how they relate to each other.

Finally, we will explore the different terminology used by DJs and musicians when practising their professional activity.


  • History of the DJ and his current environment
  • Showing respect for electronic music
  • Really listening to music
  • Knowing music
  • Electronic music genres
  • DJ Terminology

On-site class

Type: On-site
Level: Beginner
Language: EN, DE, ES
Duration: 2,5 hours (aprox.)
Capacity: 1 - 4 persons
Price: 149 € (per person)

Included in Full Pack and Basic Pack

Online class

Type: Online
Level: Beginner
Language: EN, DE, ES
Duration: 2,5 hour (aprox.)
Capacity: 1 person
Price: 149 €
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