MasterSounds closes its doors

MasterSounds closes its doors

The announcement that MasterSounds is closing its doors marks the end of an era in the world of music. This news, communicated by Ryan and his team, has left many DJs and audio enthusiasts with mixed feelings. Since its inception in 2016, MasterSounds has been synonymous with quality and passion in the manufacture of high-end DJ equipment. Now, in 2024, the decision has been taken to cease production of its iconic DJ mixers, FX units, ISO4s and LinearPOWER power supplies. Below, we explore the details of this closure and what it means for the DJ community.


The closure of MasterSounds: Why now?

The decision to close MasterSounds has not been taken lightly. Ryan, one of the founders, explained in his statement that production of the last batches of his products is underway, and once sold, there will be no more. This decision is due to several factors, including the desire of Ryan and his partner, Andy Rigby-Jones of Union Audio, to explore new directions in the audio world. The intention is for these products to become collector’s items, prized for their quality and exclusivity.


A journey that began in 2016

The closure of MasterSounds

From their first meeting in 2016, Ryan and Andy shared a clear vision: to create quality audio products and design on a global scale. This vision was realised in a series of DJ equipment that not only met the highest standards of sound quality, but also embodied principles of simplicity and elegant design, with great attention to the user experience. MasterSounds products quickly gained a reputation for their reliability and their ability to enhance any DJ’s experience.


The MasterSounds philosophy

The philosophy behind MasterSounds has always been to create equipment that offers a unique, high quality sound experience. Each mixer, FX unit and power supply was meticulously designed to meet the highest standards. This dedication to detail and quality has been a hallmark of the brand, making its products indispensable tools for many professional DJs.


What does the closure of MasterSounds mean for your customers?

Although MasterSounds is closing, the company has assured its customers that it will continue to offer a first-class after-sales service. This means that current owners of MasterSounds products need not worry about lack of support or spare parts in the future. Ryan and his team are committed to maintaining support for their most loyal customer base, ensuring that their products continue to perform to the best of their capabilities.

Although Mastersound is closing its doors, it leaves us a legacy that will live on in time.

The closure of MasterSounds is not the end of its impact and significance in the industry. The products they have created will continue to be used and appreciated by DJs all over the world. The quality and innovative design of this equipment ensures that it will remain relevant and desirable for years to come. For many, MasterSounds products will be remembered as iconic pieces that defined an era in DJ technology.

The relationship with Union Audio

The collaboration between MasterSounds ( @mastersounds ) and Union Audio ( @unionaudiouk ) has been fundamental to the success of both. Andy Rigby-Jones and his team at Union Audio have brought their experience and technical expertise to develop products that have left an indelible mark on the industry. This partnership has been described by Ryan as an “incredible journey” and a relationship that has created lasting and valuable friendships.


The future of the founders

Although MasterSounds is closing, Ryan and Andy are not leaving the audio world, both are excited about the new directions they are currently embarking on. This closure marks a turning point, but also an opportunity to innovate and create in other areas. All their fans can look forward to the next initiatives of these two visionaries of sound.


At Beatheim we have been using and recommending MasterSounds equipment in our DJ training for a long time due to its high quality and durability. The closure of MasterSounds represents a bittersweet moment for the DJ and audio enthusiast community. The news that MasterSounds is closing its doors brings to an end an era of innovation and excellence in the audio world. However, the legacy of the brand and its products will live on, and the community will always remember the impact MasterSounds had on their lives and careers. As Ryan rightly said, “Keep on Grooovin'”.


MasterSounds closes its doors

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