JustMusic, bidding farewell to a music legend in Berlin

Music has the power to unite, inspire and accompany us in memorable moments of our lives, or perhaps it is the music that makes them memorable. It is with great regret that we at Beatheim DJ Academy have to announce the closure of one of the pillars of the Berlin music scene: JustMusic.

The news has shaken the Berlin music community: JustMusic, a traditional, family-run company, will sadly close its doors for good. However, this closure means much more than the end of another retailer. We tell you the reasons behind this decision and the legacy he leaves behind.


The reasons for JustMusic’s closure

Despite efforts to stay afloat, JustMusic has faced significant challenges in the competitive world of music retailing. The growing presence of online giants has put constant pressure on prices, hampering the retailer’s ability to compete. The legend of David versus Goliath. In addition, shortages of skilled labour and other external factors, such as pandemic restrictions and inflation, have further complicated matters.


The closure of JustMusic, a difficult decision

JustMusic’s flagship shop in Kreuzberg will officially close its doors on 30 March 2024. The clearance sale will start on 19 February 2024 and will end on the closing day, 30 March 2024, exclusively in the Berlin shop at Moritzplatz. The company has taken the difficult decision to cease operations completely without resorting to insolvency proceedings.


The impact on the music community

The closure of JustMusic not only means the loss of a shop, but also of a meeting place for musicians and music enthusiasts. For years, JustMusic has been a landmark in Berlin’s music community, a place where tradition and culture mingled with a passion for music.



FromBeatheim DJ Academy, we would like to express our sincere thanks to JustMusic for their unwavering support and collaboration as our loyal partner over the years. It has been an honour to work side by side with such an emblematic establishment committed to musical excellence as JustMusic. His dedication and passion for music have been an inspiration to us and to the entire community of DJs and musicians in Berlin.
We deeply appreciate all the opportunities for growth and learning that you have given us, as well as your continued commitment to quality and innovation. We are truly grateful for the legacy they have left on our city’s music scene and will always remember them with love and gratitude. Thank you, JustMusic, for all you have done for us and for music!